International Partners

International Partners are active at local, regional and global levels, working to develop insights which will inform strategic decision-making on issues that are critical to their own industry and to cross-border investments. Interaction between International Partners and the Forum’s High Commissioners, Senators and area experts and various networks drives positive change.


WBAF International Partners are potential Senators, individuals who want to engage with WBAF to expand its mission and who are able to contribute to the WBAF community.

International Partners are expected to

 • be active in daily communication via the WBAF WhatsApp group.

 • follow daily events and keep relevant parties informed.

 • attend the WBAF Annual Congress.

 • take an active part in WBAF committees.


International Partners

Anca Barbieru, Director Romania, Deposit Solutions GMBH, Romania

Andrea Perez-Bertolotto, Finance & Investor Relations Manager at 365 FlixAtakan, UK

Arjan Goudsblom, Programme Director Co-Creation, International Startup Ecosystem Specialist,

Atahan Isik, Instructor & Program Liaison - Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship Program,
University of California, USA

Bert Grobben, CEO at Budding Innovations, Singapore

David David Lanre Messani Global Advisory Board Member, Innovate Africa, Nigeria

Dora Miranda, Operations Specialist / Business Owner, Panama

Gina De Echeona, Innovation, IP Law & Communications Consultant, Spain

Jelena Plavanski, President, Business Angels association, Serbia

Juliano Almeida Lopes, Angel Investor, Brazil

Monica Mateu, Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner, at MMA Innovation, Belgium

Nohelia Sanchez, CEO, Daytours4u, Argentina

Paula Petkova, Co-Founder, Wethaq, UAE

Premtim Tafili, Senior Sales and Business Development Executive, Netherlands

Renê Lima, Innovation Strategist, Brazil

Septi Bukula, SME Policy Analyst, Osiba Holdings, South Africa

Tuti Mwambenja, General Manager, Tzee Travel, Tanzania

Valentina Di Milla, CEO & Founder,  RALIAN Research & Consultancy SRL, Italy 

Vijetha Shastry, Consultant, BHIVE, India

Vinav Bhanawat, Co-Founder, StartupGym, India

Taiwo Ebiesuwa,Head of the SME & Special Products of the Emerging Africa Capital Group,Nigeria

Mathew Egu,Business Development Manager, Tagz Group,Nigeria

Mona Hayat,Founder & CEO of the Nexus Digital Technology,United Kingdom

Baber Mushtaq,Digital Business Development Consultant,Pakistan

Yolanda Mabuto, Director and CEO of Divaine Growth Solutions, South Africa

Carol Goman, President of Kinsey Consulting Services, USA

Dimitrios Matsakis, Partner of the P.L.A.N, Greece

Thekla Mutero, Ambassador of Female Wave of Change Global for Namibia, Namibia

Liberatha Kawamala, CEO of the Libe Green Innovation, Tanzania

Ramkumar Varma, Founder & CEO, Native Araku Coffee, India

Martien Provoost, Mergers and acquisitions specialist at ArcelorMittal, Luxembourg

Firas Jaber, Personal Development Coach, Ghana

Paschal Offordum, Representative of the Faster Capital, Nigeria

Shibam Sarbswa, Management Consultant, India

Predrag Djukic, Management Consultant, Serbia

Eddie Lee, Executive Director, ASEAN Human Development Organisation, Singapore

Seymur Rasulov, Co-founder and CEO, Whelp, Azerbaijan

Kazi Sazidul Hasan, Founder of the Happihub, Bangladesh

Prateek Jain, Managing Director of the AIC-NMIMS Incubation Centre, India

Bipin Agravat, Investment Professional, India

Marcus Howard, Esports Advisor, USA

Dimitri Bontinck, Author, Belgium

Dorothy Di Stefano, Linkedin Top Voice 2019, Australia

Rose Maghas, Member Of The Board Of Advisors at TTP Procurement Foundation, Kenya

Paul Babila Bengyella, Founder, Africa Business and Investment Summit, Cameroon

Collins Nnabugwu, Special Envoy, State of the African Diaspora, Nigeria

Andreea Avramescu, Web Consultant, Romania

Linda Grasso, Chief Operating Officer @dbi_srl, Italy

Istiaque Doza, Proprietor, B. Doza & Company, Bangladesh

Yaman Alaryan, Networking Manager at HASSAD - Agritech Accelerator, Jordan

Verónica Alvarez, Startups financing expert, Spain

Ambe Nickson che, Founder and CEO, ANC Stock Investment, Cameroon

Aleksandar Celeski, Executive Director, DUEL Consulting, North Macedonia

Joyce Kibet, Business & Social Innovation Consultant, Kenya

Sivalee Anantachart, Founder and Chief Media Specialist at Blockchain Mango, Thailand

Washaya Washaya, Startup school graduate - Y Combinator, Zimbabwe

Katarina Jagic, Independent EU Consultant, Croatia

Mahedi Hasan Omi, VC Investment Analyst at Adventure Capital, Bangladesh

Tajul Islam, Co-founder of the LegalSeba, Bangladesh

Seleu Kouengoua Reginald Hillary, Investment Analyst at the Mougano Invstment, Cameroon

Hind Ziane, Chief Executive Officer of the Génération politique , France

Nishant Mehta, Vendor CA at the Citibank , India

Yugansh Chokra, Founder and CEO of ShopNani, India

Fikri Syaryadi, Managing Director at the Antennae Capital Advisors, Indonesia

Dmitry Babanov, CEO@Cartoshka Grow UP LLC. and Cartoshka Invest LLC., Lithuania

Adila Budullah, Director of Embrace Uniqueness, Mauritius

Eduardo Lopez, CEO of Grupo Dúo I Brand Consultant, Mexico

Ebere Akadiri, Founder and CEO of Rise and Lead, Netherlands

Olusoji Amusan, CEO of the Mo Glory , Nigeria

Funda Ibraimi, Estimating Manager at Ecolog International, North Macedonia

Dr Nisha Kohli, Founder and Executive Director of the Nichefin Consulting, Singapore

Phumza Dyani, Chief Innovation Officer at the Pan African Chamber of Commerce, South Africa

Sanville Moses, CEO at the Waymaker VentureSA, South Africa

Sonto Mayise, Acting Chief Convention Bureau Officer at KZN Covention Bureau, South Africa

Iddy John, Founder and CEO at Safari Wallet, Tanzania

Habibou Djibo Amadou, Principal Risk Management Officer at the West African Development Bank, Togo

Cassandra Carothers, Investor at the Upheaval Investments, USA