PART B : The WBAF Angel Investment Fund

An affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) aims to ease access to finance for businesses from startup to scaleup to exit, with the ultimate goal of generating economic development, jobs and more social justice worldwide.

To achieve this goal, in addition to business angels and private equity funds investing in startups of the GFRS2020, WBAF is in the process of launching an angel investment fund (the WBAF Angel Investment Fund), which will be an international co-investment platform to invest in the startups and scaleups of the Global Fundraising Stage (GFRS 2020).

The WBAF Angel Investment Fund’s deal flow will be generated from the GFRS2020. And it is anticipated that (a) the Fund will invest in 10 or more startups, depending upon the total amount of capital committed and that (b) no more than 10% of the Fund’s amount will be invested in any one company.

The GFRS package

Each startup or scaleup or high-growth business selected as one of the GFRS 100 will pay a special GFRS booking fee. For each additional team member beyond two founders, an additional fee of €250 is applied.

Category A (pitchers and stand) and Category B (stand only)

For the exhibition

• 4 square metres of exhibition booth for 2 days (18 – 19 February)

• 2 chairs, 1 table

• free lunch boxes for each exhibition day

Complimentary tickets

• 2 passes to the World Congress of Angel Investors 2020 (a total value of €1500)

• 2 free tickets for the WBAF Business School (18 February 2020)

• 2 free Masterclass tickets (19 February 2020)

Category C (startup ticket only)

Complimentary tickets

• 2 passes to the World Congress of Angel Investors 2020 – World Business Angels Investment Forum (a total value of €1500)

• 2 free tickets for the WBAF Business School (18 February 2019)

• 2 free Masterclass tickets (19 February 2019)


Category D (regular delegate ticket)

Category D startups should buy regular delegate tickets for WBAF 2020. No complimentary passes are offered.            


By working together across borders, with a common vision, and with these smart dynamics in mind, we are well placed to bring about positive change in the global economy


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