Part D:    Applying for and booking GFRS 2022

Step 1: Application

  • All applications must be submitted in English.
  • Applications will be not be accepted after 15 October 2022.
  • Applications will be accepted online only. Offline applications will not be considered. The application link for GFRS 2022:
  • For startups: Startups need not be incorporated, but an incorporated company can only compete if it has been incorporated for not more than 12 months at the time of application.
  • For scaleups: Scaleups must be incorporated and have received investment from an angel investor, a private equity, or a VC.
  • Industries of particular interest to investors include but are not limited to the following: Aerospace, AI, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Blockchain, Business Products, Business Services, Chemicals and Chemical Products, Clean Technology, Computers and Peripherals, Construction, Defense, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Education, Electronics and Instrumentation, Fashion, Financial Services, Fintech, Gaming, Healthcare Services, HR, Industrial Energy, Internet and Web Services, IT Services, Legal Services, Logistics, Manufacturing, Marketing, Mobile Technologies, Nano Technologies, Payment Systems, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Security, Software, Telecommunications , Transportation, Tourism, VR, Wearable technologies.

Step 2: Acceptance

  • If selected, you will receive an official Letter of Acceptance confirming that you have been accepted for GFRS 2022 and/or the World Congress of Angel Investors (WBAF 2022). The acceptance letter will include information about the next steps.
  • Startups applying for GFRS 2022 will be scored by the GFRS 2022 Investors Committee and placed in one of three categories (A, B, or C as described in Part C). The acceptance letters will indicate their category, which determines in which capacity they can join WBAF 2022 and GFRS 2022.
  • We are aware that many excellent startups will apply for GFRS 2022. Because of time limitations, however, only 100 of them can be placed in Category A.

In the event you have not received your letter of acceptance by 7 days after your application, please notify us at

Step 3: Booking

  • If you receive a letter of acceptance, you are expected to complete your booking at the link below within 5 days of receiving the letter. After you complete your booking, you will receive a message about the logistics for your participation.
  • To guarantee participation, you are expected to complete your booking (see the link below) within 5 days of receiving your letter of acceptance. A letter of acceptance does not guarantee participation.
  • The booking address: